Thomas, Judy & Tucker, P.A. – Information Security Services has partnered with Total HIPAA Compliance, LLC. to offer comprehensive, cost-effective HIPAA compliance consulting.

Total HIPAA penetration testing replicates techniques used by hackers to determine how a system will react to an attack, identify weaknesses, and determine what information can be acquired. Penetration testing is performed from multiple angles: against public-facing servers via the Internet, and against internal systems from within the network. In-depth scans are performed against servers identified in the research process to determine exactly what software is exposed to the outside world. Using a combination of open-source and proprietary hacking tools, attacks are carried out on these systems, attempting to gain unintended access to the servers.

Upon completion of testing a detailed report is produced which includes a summary of steps taken to infiltrate company systems, missing/ineffective controls, action-items to secure the business organized in a timeline based on severity, and technical data to assist with remediation.

We offer three levels of testing:

Silver – This service is recommended for smaller organizations operating a public website that might include an e-commerce storefront. Testing includes evaluation of the security of the public facing servers or a remote-access server.

Gold – Recommended for small- to medium-sized organizations of 10 to 250 employees with internal file and email servers, user workstations, and wireless networks, laptops, and mobile devices, and network security devices such as routers and firewalls. There may be more than one physical location.

Platinum – In addition to the network tests covered in Silver and Gold levels, this testing expands the vulnerability assessment and penetration test to include physical controls such as cameras and locks, networked devices such as printers and scanners, and 3rd-party cloud services such as Dropbox and Salesforce. The Platinum level service also includes a Certified Ethical Hacker conducting these services on-site. This addresses the needs of medium to large organizations that require a more in depth look at their security.